This changes everything.

How to save 40% of costs on your new build without losing any quality.

After 18 months of preparation, we are now ready to launch this new product.

Have you ever thought about building a new home and how expensive it has become? Well we did and it was through a change in our financial circumstances when the brokerage firm holding some of our funds collapsed, that motivated the program development. This financial disaster was felt by all those that had funds in this failed brokerage firm.

We had no choice other than to reduce the amount we were spending on our new home build.  We were forced to look for alternatives and this is where we found the silver bullet.  This enabled us to build the home that we originally desired for 40% less! We have now successfully completed the build and love living in our new dream home.

Previously I had built over 300 homes as a building company, however not as an owner builder. We have developed a program that will take you through the entire owner builder process, teaching you the skills to complete your dream home at the same level of a professional building company.

An example of the savings that you can enjoy, is approximately $200,000 based on a $500,000 home build cost. When you do the math and think about it, for some it’s a year’s salary or two. For some this amount could be life changing.

When we started setting this program up, we were focused on helping those that wanted to better themselves and build their financial assets. This is still the case but it’s also of benefit to those who find themselves in a similar situation to where we were, with sudden insufficient funds. This was our motivation to find another way and with that, to development this program.

The presentation will give more detail around how to save up to 40% on your build.

There will be limited spaces in the program initially, as we want every person that is engaged to have the maximum success that they can achieve.  This program will mentor you through the entire process of your build, helping you to save on unnecessary stress, costs and build your dream home.