Simple Take Off and Pricing

In the video series, we show you how the program works, how simply you can do a take off of any concept design to get a preliminary cost.
It also show how the same information can then be transferred into the working project of building your own new home. With your quotes, supplier details, colour selections plus much more all integrated in the one place  We have deliberately made it as simple as possible to use, yet giving the most accurate take off possible.
The program was built deliberately with the owner builder in mind building one house at a time.

Plan Measurement using a PDF reader.

How to quantify floor and frame materials.

How to quantify the cladding and windows in the program.

How to quantify the doors and flooring in the program

How to do a quick price on a concept plan.

How to use a basic date  chart for project management.

How to back cost your build in the program.


Custom Build Take Off and Pricing

We have included in this series to show that the more complex home is not a problem.
In this we also demonstrate more on the back end of the program, once you get started on confirming quotes, scheduling, ordering and back costing. Making sure you don’t get hit with overcharging and cost overruns.

How calculate the Foundation, Floor and Walls on a custom build.

How calculate the Roof, Cladding and Windows on a custom build.

How calculate the Doors and Floor coverings on a custom build.

How calculate the preliminary price on a custom build.

How to get the final price on a custom build plan.